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NSW Tournament Results

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Board No: 15
Dealer: S, Vul: NS, Room Datum: 60
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Teams  Score Imps
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 Kahler Team8 Hector Team2S ETH750  00
2 Brockwell Team11 Kershaw Team2D STS890  5-5
3 Mottram Team4 Lander Team1NT S2C8120  -11
4 Lander Team3 Mottram Team1NT S5H9150  1-1
5 Sullivan Team10 Cassidy Team2NT S2H9150  3-3
6 Hood Team7 Colla Team2S ETH750  -33
7 Colla Team6 Hood Team1NT STS9150  3-3
8 Hector Team1 Kahler Team2S WTC750  00
9 Hunter Team12 Davis Team1NT S2C9150  2-2
10 Cassidy Team5 Sullivan Team2S EAC750  -33
11 Kershaw Team2 Brockwell Team2NT S6C7 100 -55
12 Davis Team9 Hunter Team1NT S5S790  -22
13 Manda Team14 beeby Team2S EAC750  4-4
14 beeby Team15 Harrison Team1NT S2C790  1-1
15 Harrison Team13 Manda Team2C STS7 100 -55
16 King Team23 Ball Team1NT S2C11210  8-8
17 Street Team26 Burke Team3D NKH10130  6-6
18 mcclean Team19 Baker Team3S EKD850  00
19 Baker Team18 mcclean Team2S ETH750  00
20 Cook Team25 Calov Team2C STS890  1-1
21 Waddell Team22 Armitage Team1NT S2H11210  4-4
22 Armitage Team21 Waddell Team2S EKC750  -44
23 Ball Team16 King Team2S E2D8 110 -88
24 Loneragan Team27 Machin Team2C NTS890  9-9
25 Calov Team20 Cook Team2S EKC750  -11
26 Burke Team17 Street Team2S EAS8 110 -66
27 Machin Team24 Loneragan Team2NT S3S5 300 -99

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 Hand record file name not recorded

1NT by NS+42102
2NT by NS+11501
1NT by NS+21503
3D by NS+11301
1NT by NS+11201
2D by NS=901
2C by NS=902
1NT by NS=902
2S by EW-1508
3S by EW-1501
2C by NS-1-1001
2NT by NS-1-1001
2S by EW=-1102
2NT by NS-3-3001

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