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Team 5 - Nunn
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  Rob Holgate
Tony Nunn
    Peter Fitzmaurice
Neil Williams
Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW  
Board 1712: Kaplan 1NT N9150 3NT N9-400   -250-6   1301-7  
Board 1812: Kaplan 2NT E8-120 3C E9110   -100        
Board 1912: Kaplan 3NT E8100 2NT E7-100   00   140-11  
Board 2012: Kaplan 3NT W9-600 3NT W10630   301   -520-23  
Board 2112: Kaplan 3NT N9600 3NT S10-630   -30-1   630-10  
Board 2212: Kaplan 3NT E10-630 3NT E11660   301   -65010  
Board 2312: Kaplan 4S N11650 4S N11-650   00   3507-7  
Board 2412: Kaplan 4H N12480 4H N12-480   00   520-11  
Total-5  4-9 

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