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Team 4 - Mundell
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  Giselle Mundell
Mark Guthrie
    Julie Guthrie
Jake Andrew
Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW  
Board 1716: Rew 2NT N9150 2D E7-50   1003   13012  
Board 1816: Rew 2C E8-90 3C E9110   201   -11010  
Board 1916: Rew 3NT E8100 2NT E7-100   00   140-11  
Board 2016: Rew 2HX S6-500 2H E6-200   -700-12   -5201-12  
Board 2116: Rew 3NT N9600 3NT N10-630   -30-1   630-10  
Board 2216: Rew 6C E12-1370 3NT E11660   -710-12   -650-120  
Board 2316: Rew 5HX E10200 5S N10100   3007   350-410  
Board 2416: Rew 5H N12480 5H S12-480   00   520-11  
Total-14  -162 

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