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Team 18 - M Scudder
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Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW  
Board 1717: J Scudder 1NT N790 2C S9-110   -20-1   130-11  
Board 1817: J Scudder 4S W8100 2C E9110   2105   -11050  
Board 1917: J Scudder 2S W8-110 3D E9110   00   140-66  
Board 2017: J Scudder 3NT W10-630 2S E9140   -490-10   -520-3-9  
Board 2117: J Scudder 3NT N10630 3NT S10-630   00        
Board 2217: J Scudder 3NT E11-660 3C E12170   -490-10   -6500-10  
Board 2317: J Scudder 4S N10620 5C S10100   72012   350710  
Board 2417: J Scudder 4H N12480 4H N12-480   00   520-11  
Total-4  1-1 

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