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NSW Tournament Results

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Team 1 - Moses
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  Hope Tomlinson
Neville Moses
  Nick Hughes
Warren Robinson
  Sherry Gao
Phil Halloran
  Martin Johnson
Barry Foster
Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW  
Board 177: Hughes 1NT N9150 1NT N9-150   00   1301-1  
Board 187: Hughes 3NT E9-400 2S W9140   -260-6   -110-71  
Board 197: Hughes 3NT E7200 2S S8-110   903   14021  
Board 207: Hughes 3NT W9-600 3NT W10630   301   -520-23  
Board 217: Hughes 3NT N10630 3NT S9-600   301   63001  
Board 227: Hughes 3NT E12-690 3NT E11660   -30-1   -650-10  
Board 237: Hughes 5S N10-100 4S N13-710   -810-13   350-10-8  
Board 247: Hughes 5S S12480 6H N12-980   -500-11   520-1-10  
Total-26  -18-13 

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