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Team 2 - Van Der Vlugt
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  Peter Marshall
Peter Lipthay
    Maurits Van Der Vlugt
Robin Devries
Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW  
Board 99: Zhu 2NT W5300 3H E7-200   1003   806-3  
Board 109: Zhu 4H N12680 4H N12-680   00   6102-2  
Board 119: Zhu 3NT S10430 5C S12-420   100   3602-2  
Board 129: Zhu 2H W750 3H W7-100   -50-2   -102-3  
Board 139: Zhu 3NT N10630 3NT S10-630   00   4106-6  
Board 149: Zhu 3H E10-170 3H E10170   00   -2001-1  
Board 159: Zhu 3NT W9-400 2NT W10180   -220-6   -290-3-3  
Board 169: Zhu 3NT N9400 5D S12-420   -20-1   3003-3  
Total-6  19-23 

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