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NSW Tournament Results

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Team 1 - Moses
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  Martin Johnson
Neville Moses
    Hope Tomlinson
Barry Foster
Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW  
Board 916: Rew 2NT W10-180 2NT W5-300   -480-10   80-6-6  
Board 1016: Rew 2H N11200 4H N11-650   -450-10   610-9-1  
Board 1116: Rew 4NT S9-50 3NT S9-400   -450-10   360-9-1  
Board 1216: Rew 2H E8-110 2HX W8470   3608   -10-310  
Board 1316: Rew 2D S10130 3NT S10-630   -500-11   410-7-6  
Board 1416: Rew 4H E10-420 2H W10170   -250-6   -200-6-1  
Board 1516: Rew 3NT W10-430 3NT W10430   00   -290-44  
Board 1616: Rew 4D N12170 3D S12-170   00   300-44  
Total-39  -483 

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