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NSW Tournament Results

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Team 1 - Kahler Team
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Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW
Board 1024: Loneragan Team 4H W6400 4H E11650   105014   -1801110
Board 1124: Loneragan Team 6C S12920 3NT N850   97014   120135
Board 1224: Loneragan Team 3NT W9-400 4S W12480   802   -40002
Board 1324: Loneragan Team 3S E9-140 3S W10170   301   -14001
Board 1424: Loneragan Team 4S S10420 4S S950   47010   8084
Board 1524: Loneragan Team 4H W10-420 4H E11450   301   -43001
Board 1624: Loneragan Team 5C S11400 4H E11650   105014   -530143
Board 1724: Loneragan Team 3H N8-50 1S E780   301   20-23
Board 1824: Loneragan Team 4H E11-450 4H E12480   301   -44001
Total58  4430

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